Faster Check-in, Better Greeting, More Security

GV-AI FR Server, based on deep learning technology, fortifies your current surveillance and access control with face recognition, a new way businesses manage and protect their assets.


Automate Surveillance Easily with Deep Learning

GV-DL LPR is a deep-learning LPR camera translate the video image into digital data that can be compare to a database, for gate access control and road violation detection. SDK is available for extended support for more applications.

GV-AI Server

Scaling AI Successfully

GV-AI Server is a device that collects and analyzes video data, to understand customer's buying journey, help retailers to make better business decisions, to increase revenue.

GV-AI Guard

Guard Force of the Future

GV-AI Guard uses deep learning technology to learn different classifications in a video event, such as human, vehicle, license plate, hard hat, and violations.




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