GV-AI Guard

GV-AI Guard Basic is a full-featured video management software, powered by AI video analytics. GV-AI Guard Basic provides a spate of AI video analytics functions which include PVD Motion Detection for identifying human and vehicle motion from other moving objects, Intrusion for setting up virtual fences, Violation Stay for parking and pedestrian violation, Hard Hat Detection for warning people not wearing hard hats, as well as Social Distancing Detection, Face Mask Detection and Crowd Detection for practicing the COVID-19 safety measures.

Through intelligent video analytics, GV-AI Guard Basic can recognize the specific conditions on its own, raise alarms to intruders or violators, and notify operators of potential issues instantly. GV-AI Guard Basic is ideal for you to safeguard premises, road and construction site safety, and even the health of the public to against COVID-19.
  • Up to 16 camera channels for AI video analytics
  • PVD Motion Detection for identifying human and vehicle motion from other moving objects
  • Intrusion Detection for triggering alarms when people or vehicles across defined areas
  • Violation Stay for detecting people or vehicles caught staying at no standing areas
  • Social Distancing Detection for alerting people not keeping a safe distance from each other
  • Hard Hat Detection for alerting people not wearing hard hats before entering a construction site
  • Face Mask Detection for alerting people not wearing masks
  • Crowd Detection for detecting overcrowding of people or vehicles
  • LPR recognition for vehicle violation stay for the following countries/areas: France, Hungary, Slovakia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Euro and Ukraine
  • Event alerts: alarm output, e‐mail notification and computer noise alarm
  • Popup live veiw upon AI events
  • Query by AI events
  • AI event detection schedule
  • Support for GV‐Center V2 / GV‐Vital Sign Monitor (V18.3.0) central monitoring upon AI events
  • Support for GV‐Cloud (V1.0) and GV‐GV-Cloud Mobile app (V1.0) for push notifications upon AI events

Model No Name Details
GV-IR Remote Control GV-IR Remote Control provides easy control of the GeoVision surveillance system.
GV-NET I/O Card V3.2 GV-NET/IO card V3.2 provides 4 inputs and 4 relay outputs. It supports both DC and AC output voltages and provides a USB port as well.
GV-COM V3 GV-COM V3 adds 1 RS-485 port to your computer through a USB connector.
GV-IO Box Series GV-IO Box series provides 4 / 8 / 16 inputs and relay outputs, and supports both DC and AC output voltages, with optional support for Ethernet module and 4E additionally supporting PoE connection.
GV-Joystick V2 GV-Joystick V2 facilitates PTZ camera control. It can be either plugged into the GeoVision surveillance system for independent use or connected to GV-Keyboard to empower the operation.
GV-Keyboard V3 GV-Keyboard V3 is used to program and operate the GeoVision surveillance system. You can also connect PTZ cameras directly to the keyboard for PTZ control.
GV-Data Capture GV‐Data Capture allows the integration of POS systems and the GeoVision surveillance system through cable or network connection.

GV-AI Guard Setup

GV-AI Guard Introduction