GeoVision's Privacy Policy

Protection and Scope

GeoVision Inc. ("GeoVision" or "we", "us", or "our"), is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information collected at or in connection with a GeoVision official website (“website”). This privacy policy document outlines the types of information we collect and how it is used. This Privacy Policy includes how to process personally identifiable information which collected when you use service of our website. This Privacy Policy does not apply to relevant linked sites other than the website, nor does it apply to persons who are not authorized to maintain or operate of this website.

Purpose and Scope of Personal Data Collection

Based on purposes of marketing, customers management and services, and provides other e-commerce services, fulfills statutory or contractual obligations, protects the interests of related parties, and after-sales services, as well as comply with terms of business registration or article. In accordance with the nature of each service, GeoVision may collect your name, contact information (including but not limited to phone number, E-mail and address, etc.), service units, titles, materials required to complete the above services, and IP address, and other personal data that can directly or indirectly identify user’s personal data.
In addition, GeoVision will record the user's IP address in the website according to the nature of the service provided, such as the use of software/hardware clicked pages, as a reference for traffic analysis and network behavior for improving the quality of website services without associated with individuals specifically.

Exploit and Security of Personal Data

GeoVision collects Personal data, which sufficient to identify the user’s information are internal used only, processed and used in accordance with the purpose of the collection, provided that: prior statement, or necessary for completion provision of services or contract obligations, or in accordance with relevant laws or authority's orders, GeoVision will not provide above mentioned information to any third party (including domestic and overseas), or to other than the purpose of collection hereunder. 

Rights of Personal Data Owner

Personal data owner may request for viewing data or duplicates, however, GeoVision may charge necessary costs and fees. You may request to modify or correct if personal information changes, or incorrect. When the purpose of collecting personal data invalid or expire, you may request for delete, discontinue processing or using of personal data, provided that the necessary for GeoVision to perform its duties or obligations.

Statement of Personal Data Protection

GeoVision will comply with "Personal Data Protection Act" to process and use your personal data properly, and take relevant data protection measures as follows:
  1. Use of the data: The parties apply for participating in relevant activity through filling the form and specifying relevant information, the parties will be treated as agree to provide personal data for the commercial purpose of GeoVision.
  2. Duration of use: GeoVision may contact with the person contained in this form. You can request GeoVision to modify or discontinue using the data if unwilling to provide personal data.
  3. As above purposes, GeoVision will not be able to provide relevant services if you fail or cannot provide personal information.


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In accordance with nature of each service, and to comply provision of relevant services, or to enable related services to be successfully completed or fulfilled, GeoVision will respect your decision of unwilling to provide relevant personal data required by each service and not agree to provide personal data, as well as this Privacy statement and related notification as to the collection, processing, utilization and international transmission of personal data, you may not be able to use such services or obtain relevant information of each service. GeoVision reserves the right to agree to provide such services or information.

Right of Amendment

GeoVision reserves right to revise this Privacy policy including statement and related notices at any time, and may update it on the website from time to time without prior notice.

Release date in April 24. 2018