Periodic Updates Required for Cybersecurity

A reminder to all customers and partners to upgrade to the latest version of firmware in protection against network vulnerabilities

As the evolution of the network environment has been an ongoing process, so has the betterment of related security policies and measures — an issue GeoVision devotes uncompromising efforts to.

GeoVision has recently released a series of firmware upgrades as an enactment to address certain network security vulnerabilities that have been identified. GeoVision urges all users to immediately upgrade devices that are exposed to the Internet to eliminate the risk of potential security breach.

As all network equipment, such as IP devices, are susceptible to cybersecurity hazard, GeoVision periodically updates the latest firmware to the company website to safeguard associated products while notifying partners and customers.

To download the latest firmware available, please visit

Security First at GeoVision

GeoVision is the Intellectual Property rights-owner for all products sold under its own name, and it enjoys broad copyright and trademark protections in jurisdictions around the world. GeoVision, as a technology leader in its industry, regularly takes aggressive action to protect its rights and to protect its consumers.

It is the duty and responsibility of GeoVision to notify all users in cases when security concerns have been raised. GeoVision follows detailed practices to ensure the highest standards of network security are met on a daily basis. Whenever plausible security vulnerabilities are discovered, immediate actions are taken by devising necessary upgrades and informing users of the issues.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to updating the latest firmware or cybersecurity issues, please contact our support team: