GV-Cloud is a new VSaaS platform that combines video surveillance and access control into a single, browser-based management experience. GV-Cloud provides enhanced safety and convenience by providing users browser-based viewing and management of their video and access control anywhere without security concerns.

Cloud VMS

GV-Cloud VMS is a cloud-based video surveillance platform that integrates video, alarm devices and AI Analytics events through a single interface. GV-Cloud supports GeoVision Direct-to-Cloud AI Analytics cameras with onboard storage or any ONVIF compliant IP Camera by pairing with the GV-Cloud Bridge.

  • Remote Video Monitoring and Management
  • Direct-to-Cloud Camera Integration (No NVR/VMS required)
  • AI Event Support
  • Flexible Cloud Backup Plan
  • Encrypted Transmission via HTTPS
  • Mobile App for Remote Viewing

Cloud Access

GV-Access Control is a web-based solution that allows for remote management of access levels, including searching access logs, viewing playback video, controlling door locks, and making system changes from anywhere.

  • Serverless Cloud-Based Access Control
  • Remote Management via Cloud
  • Video Integration with GV Cloud VMS
  • Real-Time Event Monitoring
  • Remote Door Control and Lockdown
  • Database and Transmission Encryption
  • Mobile App for Remote Control


GV-VPN utilizes P2P (Peer to Peer) VPN technology between two or more computers by providing an encrypted connection that conveniently allows GeoVision related programs to connect to each other.

  • No need to configure firewall port forwarding.
  • Encryption for Security Tunnel

Direct-to-Cloud Camera Series

AI solution without VMS / NVR




Cloud VMS Bridge

3rd Party IP Camera Support

GV-Cloud Bridge


GV-AI Guard

Cloud Access

Remote Access Control Management



GV-AS Bridge

Key Features

Centralized Monitoring


Easy to Install

Realtime Notifications

Data Encryption

One Button Lockdown