GeoVision's Anti-Piracy Statement

Counterfeit Detection: A Guide to Spotting Counterfeit GeoVision Products
Several serious technical problems related to counterfeited cards have been reported to GeoVision tech support:


Serious Technical Problems in v7.05 "Mutation"

  • Pirated cards with a v8.0: Black screen followed by video loss and continuous fake-GeoVision software restarts.
  • Pirated cards with a v7.05: "Can't find USB protection key for new system" message followed by no video screen.
  • Pirated cards with v7.05 "mutation": Due to technology limitations of the pirated product, counterfeit card sellers made a v7.05 "mutation" to run on older driver versions but still claim it as v7.05. The v7.05 "mutation" does NOT contain functions GeoVision intends to deliver to our customers (while all genuine card users are able to use an updated driver version for v7.05 for full features). There are also various additional problems related to the v7.05 "mutation".

Ensure Your Right as a Product User

  • GeoVision Inc ("GeoVision") NEVER authorizes any of its sellers to sell on auction sites (such as eBay, Yahoo!).
  • GeoVision may not be able to provide our standard customer services (such as warranty, RMA, 24-hour tech support lines) if your source of product is unknown. Sellers on all auction sites are considered "unknown" to us, as we do not authorize any sellers to sell our product on auction sites.
  • Products acquired from unknown sources may cause problems or may be deficient in operation, and the buyers shall bear their own risks for purchasing goods outside GeoVision's authorized distribution chain. GeoVision does not take any responsibility for problems arising from cards purchased from "unknown" sources.

How to Avoid Illegal Use of GeoVision Software

  • Genuine GeoVision products are ONLY manufactured in Taiwan, NEVER in other countries or in China, as some sellers may claim.
  • GeoVision NEVER authorizes any OEM production of the video capture cards, as some companies may fraudulently claim to be the "OEM factory" for GeoVision cards.
  • GeoVision software is ONLY authorized and legal to use on video capture cards manufactured by GeoVision. Companies claiming their video capture cards are "compatible" with any of the GV-series software may leave users open to claims of copyright infringement.

Trademark and Copyright Declaration

GeoVision is the Intellectual Property rights-owner for all products sold under its own name, and it enjoys broad copyright and trademark protections in jurisdictions around the world. GeoVision, as a technology leader in its industry, regularly takes aggressive action to protect its rights and to protect its consumers.

To report piracy, please write to sales@geovision.com.tw. Your name will be kept confidential.