GV-ML600 Electromagnetic Lock

The GV-ML600 is a surface mount electromagnetic lock featured with a built-in voltage spike suppressor.

Model No Name Details

Model No. Ordering Part No. Description SKU No.
GV-B600LZ 530-ML600-LZ0 GV-B600LZ LZ Bracket (Optional for use with GV-ML600 on In-Swing Doors) 81-MB600LZ-0001
GV-B600U 530-ML600-U00 GV-B600U U Bracket for 600lbs Gate Lock (Optional for use with GV-ML600 on glass door) 81-MB600U0-0001
GV-ML600 530-ML600-000 Electromagnetic Lock with built-in voltage spike suppressor, can be applied for single-leaf or double leaf doors 81-LSH01-001