Installers, why do you need NAS ? With ever-increasing amounts of videos from high-resolution IP cameras, and longer retention periods, NAS is no longer limited to enterprise installations.
More and more installers are sourcing a NAS solution for their customers because... Customers ask to store videos for a longer retention time, perhaps required by law or business mandates. Customers need to keep good amount of videos, as strategic source for insightful and actionable analysis. Customers ask about redundancy.
Why GeoVision NAS ? Designed specially to store IP surveillance video, optimized for write-intensive nature of video applications. Very IT-friendly! Plug-and-play setup!
How often do they look at the surveillance screen
Most store owners only look at the video data when needed. They won't need to look at the monitor all the time.
No monitor. More space.
Perfect sites for NAS installation.
Just Record.
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Start with an IP cam / NAS Package To help you get started, GeoVision offers a complete integrated IP cam/NAS solution, of which includes everything you need to start a surveillance system solution.
You will get:
The package includes everything you need to experience NAS as storage option for IP video surveillance.
Any combination of
4 Target cameras of your choice
IP camera

GV-EBX1100 Light-weighted box IP camera loaded with features.
GV-EFD1100 Mini-fixed dome, compact with full performance.

GV-EBL1100 Light-weighted all purpose bullet IP camera.
GV-EDR1100 Advanced for challenging environment.
Bonus !
GV-Edge Recording Manager

Live streaming of multiple cameras. Recording (on/off) management. Video footage playback.
What will your customer get ?
8TB storage possible ! Two swappable HDD for up to 8TB storage good for at least 17 days of 1920x1080 HD videos (while a SD card may be good for only 32GB for half a day).
A secured data protection with
RAID data protection reliability.
Reliable and secure access
to content 24/7.
Connection up to
8 IP cameras.
Open format MPEG4 to
play back video easily.
Mobile app to play back
footage saved in NAS.
More convenient to view from laptop anytime.
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Is IP cam / NAS package for me ? If you are installing IP cameras with on-board storage looking for an easy and centralized setup and support for your client. The IP cam/NAS package guarantees a full compatibility amongst cameras and storage, with full-featured Edge Recording Manager for setup, live view, and playback. No more climbing up and down to replace your on-board storage device, for each single camera. The package is IT-friendly, guarantees the ease and comfort of installation, with every element you need to get started.

If you are moving away from analog into digitalā€¦
Easy setup, IT-friendly.
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More for advanced users ! Feel conformable to offer these to your customers ! Streaming stored videos and images to any media player ! GV-NAS2008 System can be a DLNA server from which you can stream the stored videos and images to any network-connected home media player like smart TV or a Windows Home Theatre PC. Customized storage threshold GV-NAS2008 System allows you to customize storage threshold for each camera. The camera with larger file sizes or critical scenes can be thus assigned more storage space. Accessible or restricted to content You can even define access rights for each user or a group of users, allowing or restricting access to a storage folder for recording playback. Advanced notice for hard disk emergency GV-NAS2008 System features S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to detect hard drive problems and allow you to back up data at the first moment when receiving e-mail alert.
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About GeoVision GeoVision has over 15 years of experience creating surveillance systems that work. Our reputation for quality and professionalism speaks for itself; we offer the best value in standard and cloud-based surveillance systems combined with the support of our team of technical engineers to create a solution that suits your security monitoring needs.