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GeoVision Announces Financial Results for First Nine Months of 2018


  • The revenues of the first three months ended September 30 in 2018 amounted to NT$1,112 million with 7% decrease year over year. The revenues of the third quarter decreased 9% YoY to NT$374 million.
  • Gross profit for the first three months were NT$382 million with gross margin at 34%. Gross profit for the third quarter were NT$124 million with 33% of gross margin.
  • The operating losses were NT$91 million or minus 8% of revenues for the first three months of 2018. The operation losses for the third quarter were NT$20 million or minus 6% of revenues.
  • Foreign currency exchange gains and gain on disposal of investments during the third quarter has contributed to the non-operational gains of NT$78 million for the third quarter and brought pretax profits to NT$58 million for the company. Profits before taxes for the first three quarters amounted to NT$ 50 million.
  • The earnings per share was NT$0.64 for the third quarter and NT$0.76 for the first three quarters based on the current capital of NT$896 million.
  • The Board approved the establishment of a new subsidiary in Vietnam providing with sales and technical service, in consideration of broadening the market in SEA countries and increase the company’s market share in the area.
  • The company introduced facial recognition (FR) solutions, industry 4.0 smart factory solutions, and smart retail solutions in 2018 and has focused on artificial intelligence and IoT applications on its solutions. Its facial recognition solutions can be applied to access control system which includes a smart FR camera and access controller that keeps time attendance records and controls the access gate in just one second. The FR-applied access control solutions have been implemented in the offices of some multinational enterprises in Taiwan.

GeoVision Financial Results:
The following are the highlights of the company financial results for the first three quarters ended September 30, 2018.

  《Consolidated Income Statement》
Taiwan Dollars in NT$ million
(except per share amounts in NT$)
Nine months ended September 30, 2018 The Third Quarter Ended September 30, 2018
  Amount (NT$K) Percentage %YoY Amount (NT$K) Percentage) %YoY
Revenue 1,112 100 (7) 374 100 (9)
Gross profit 382 34 (10) 124 33 (15)
Operating losses (91) (8) (60) (20) (6) 59
Income before tax 50 5 136 58 15 877
Net income 67 6 159 57 15 1055
Earnings per share (NT$)