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GeoVision's Board Proposal of Dividend Distribution for 2017


GeoVision's Board Proposal of Dividend Distribution for 2017

Taipei Taiwan, March 16, 2018 – GeoVision (TWSE: 3356) Board of Directors announced its audited consolidated financial reports for the financial year of 2017 ending Dec. 31.

The 2017 year-end report of GeoVision:

  • Consolidated revenues for 2017 decreasing 17% to $1,588 million.
  • Gross profit were NT$564 million or 36% of revenue.
  • The company had a non-operational loss resulted from foreign exchange losses of NT$95 million, as the strong New Taiwan dollars continued to weigh on the company's revenue in USD and Euros.
  • Consolidated net profit decreased 225% to NT$174.9 million. Based on the current shares of NT$894.3 million, the loss per share for 2017 was NT$1.98.

The board of directors also made a proposal to issue new restricted employee shares of 300,000 shares as a compensation for employees.

Due to the losses in 2017, there will be no cash dividend or stock dividend distribution received by the shareholders for 2018, according to the board of directors.

《Consolidated Income Statement》




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Sales (NT$K)






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