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Preliminary Financial Results for the Month Ended November 30, 2014


Issued on: 2014/12/8

  • GeoVision’s revenue of November 2013 was NT$185.2 million, increased 9.1% YoY. Revenues from January to November amounted to NT$2,047.2 million, decreased 1.7% compared to the same period last year.
  • The depreciation of NT dollars against U.S. dollar and Euro in November has caused foreign exchange gains which caused the earnings before taxes of the month to rise up to NT$56.9 million. Earnings before tax from January to November were NT$538.5 million. The pretax EPS was NT$0.81 for November and NT$7.7 for the eleven months based on the current capital of NT$699 million.

《Consolidated Income Statement》
Unit: NTD$K November 2014 January- November 2014
  Amount % YoY Amount % YoY
Net Sales 185,187 100 -9.1% 2,047,202 100 -1.7%
Earnings before Tax 56,884 30.7 -19.3% 538,538 26.3 -16.7%
EPS before tax (NTD$) 0.81 8.5% 7.70 -24.3%