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GeoVision’s Board Recommended Dividend Proposal for 2014


Issued on: 2015/3/20

March 20, 2015–GeoVision Board (TWSE: 3356) announced its audited financial reports for the financial year of 2014 ending on Dec. 31 and recommended a proposal for dividend distribution for the 2014 financial year.

Consolidated revenue for 2014 were NT$2,222.0 million with revenue decreasing 1.6% compared to the previous financial year. Consolidated net profit were NT$489.8 million with profit decreasing 15.9% year over year. The EPS for 2014 were NT$7.00 based on the total capital of NT$699 million.

The board of directors recommended a cash dividend of NT$ 5.4 per ordinary share and a stock dividend of NT$1.0 per ordinary share, based on capital surplus transferred to common stock. The dividend will be paid out in cash and in shares at NT$6.4 in total. This represents a payout of 91% of the total result attributable to shareholders of ordinary shares of GeoVision between January 1st 2014 and December 31st 2014.

The dividend proposal will be recommended at the company Annual General Meeting, which will be held on June 11, 2015. The ex-dividend date will be scheduled after the dividend proposal is adopted at the Annual General Meeting.

《Consolidated Income Statement》

  FY2014 Ending Dec. 31 2014
  Sales (NT$K) Sales (NT$K) %YoY
Revenue 2,222,014 100% -1.6%
Gross Profit 1,177,618 53% -5.1%
Operating Profit 558,621 25% -14.9%
Income before Tax 588,829 27% -16.0%
Consolidated Net Profit 489,784 22% -15.9%
EPS (NT$) 7.00 -1.32