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GeoVision Inc. Announced Financial Results for the First Half Year 2015


Issued on: 2015/8/03

GeoVision Inc. announced its first half-year financial report of January to June 2015 at the Board of Directors’ meeting today.

The First Half Year 2015 Ended June 30th:

  • Consolidated revenues were NT$1,044 million, decreased 6% year-over-year.
  • Gross margin was down from 54% to 52%, due to sales increase in the lower-margin Target-series network cameras.
  • Expenses increased 3% YoY, which also led to a lower operating income margin of 22% compared to 26% of the same period last year.
  • Foreign exchange losses caused by weak Euro in the first half year resulted in 36% of decline year-over-year in profit before income tax.
  • Profit attributable to owners of the parent company decreased 36% year-over-year to NT$161 million. EPS was NT$2.31 based on the current capital of NT$699 million.
  • The Board of Directors also approved the financial calendar for dividend distribution. The ex-dividend and ex-rights date is 1 Oct 2015. Book closure period is from 3 Oct. to 7 Oct. 2015. Record date is 7 Oct. 2015. Dividend pay date and stock distribution date is to be announced upon the day when the share capital changes register is authorized, which is scheduled at the beginning of November 2015.

GeoVision Financial Results:

The following are the highlights of the company financial results for the first half year ended June 30, 2015.

《Consolidated Income Statement》 
Taiwan Dollars in NT$K
(except per share amounts in NT$)
Three Months Ended March 31, 2015
  Amount (NT$K) Percentage %YoY
Revenue 1,043,754 100% - 6%
Gross Profit 537,637 52% - 10%
Operating Income 220,652 22% - 24%
Profit before income Tax 193,539 19% - 36%
Profit attributable to owners of the parent 161,497 16% - 36%
Basic earnings per share (NT$) 2.31 - 37%