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GeoVision’s Board Recommended Dividend Distribution of NT$4.1 for 2015


Issue Date: March 23th, 2016

GeoVision Board (TWSE: 3356) announced its audited financial reports for the financial year of 2015 ending on Dec. 31 and recommended a proposal for dividend distribution for the 2015 financial year.

Consolidated revenue for 2015 were NT$2,114.6 million with revenue decreasing 5% compared to 2014. Consolidated net profit were NT$352 million with profit decreasing 28% compared to 2014. Based on the weighted average number of ordinary shares outstanding during the period of NT$769.8 million, the EPS for 2015 were NT$4.58 compared to the EPS of NT$6.36 for 2014.

The board of directors recommended a cash dividend of NT$4.0 and a stock dividend of NT$0.1 per ordinary share, based on the NT$322 million of earnings available for distribution from the previous year. The dividend of NT$4.1 in total represents a payout ratio of over 85%.

The board of directors also made a proposal to issue new restricted employee shares of 550,000 shares as a compensation system for employees.

The dividend proposal will be recommended at the company Annual General Meeting, scheduled on June 14, 2016. The ex-dividend date will be scheduled after the dividend proposal is adopted at the Annual General Meeting.

《Consolidated Income Statement》 
  Sales (NT$K) Sales (NT$K) %YoY
Revenue 2,114,572 100% -4.8%
Gross Profit 1,037,561 49% -11.9%
Operating Profit 390,849 18% -30.0%
Income before Tax 429,923 20% -27.0%
Consolidated Net Income 352,408 17% -28.0%
EPS (NT$) 4.58 -28.0%