Mar. 28, 2017
GeoVision and IntelliVision Collaborate to Bring Commercial Deep Learning Smart AI Cameras
GeoVision Aurora Series: Unveiling at ASIS 2013
Taipei, Taiwan
Geovision will debut its first deep learning based smart camera GV-VD8700 in ISC West 2017, featuring Qualcomm IP Camera Platform and IntelliVision’s new Face Recognizer solutions.
Geovision, a professional IP-based video surveillance solution provider, will announce world-wide its first deep learning based, 4K HEVC smart camera with intelligent video analytics (IVA), featuring on-camera face detection, tracking, recognition (up to eight faces), human detection, and intrusion detection for various security applications, especially for Video Surveillance System, Intrusion Detection System and Access Control System applications.
Traditionally, video analytics in video surveillance has been limited by servers or the cloud due to CPU or GPU constraints, which are still time lagging to properly provide meaningful and useful analytics results in real-world applications in time. By utilizing the Qualcomm® IP Camera Platform, featuring a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 650 processor and IntelliVision’s video analytic algorithm, the smart camera fundamentally changes how video is captured, analyzed and distributed. With the new platform, GV-VD8700 can easily add deep learning capabilities at very low power; reduce data streaming, immediate action and event alert. Video analytics features such as facial recognition, human detection, and intrusion detection will be able to operate on multiple channels in real time.
With such intelligence on the camera, customers can also move from expensive, server-based video analytics to timelier, efficient deep learning-based analytics cameras. When a GV-VD8700 is integrated to existing access control system at casinos, hospitals, retail stores, high value storage and offices, it helps immediately boost the level of security by providing real-time, multiple-channel, face-indexed black/white lists without additional cost for severs. Furthermore, that data can be used by Human Resource (HR) departments for facility access or absence report records.
See GV-VD8700 in booth 10047 at the ISC West Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 5-7.
About GeoVision
GeoVision is a professional security company focusing on the research and development of video surveillance products and video content analysis. GeoVision is a leader in the sector of PC-based video surveillance and its video surveillance products successfully bridge the analog and digital worlds.

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