Jan. 26, 2017
Geovision Long-Range Reader Provides Professional Parking Management
GeoVision Aurora Series: Unveiling at ASIS 2013
Taipei, Taiwan
Geovision is pleased to announce they have launched a new generation RFID identification system that will provide a positive impact on parking management and help to free up time and queues. The GV-RU9003 UHF long-range reader (http://www.geovision.com.tw/onepage/long-range-reader/index.html), could be fully integrated with GV-ASManager, a full-function access control management system that allows permit parking easily.
The long range reader has become an important device in helping to free up traffic congestion and reduce the time wasted getting in and out of vehicles, which can cost a company money. It can also help to remove the problem of people parking without authorization. As well as providing a powerful management system, it also helps with safety and efficiency of traffic and freight management
“The device is based on RFID technology and operates with passive UHF tag (EPC GEN 2) that allows hands-free, rolling entry to parking lots. GV-RU9003 is designed with 8dBi antenna gain and 27.9dBm RF module, allowing read range up to 10 meters [33 ft], “ said Titan Lee, Assistant Manager, Access Control at Geovision.
When using the Geovision’s GV-RU9003 with GV-ASManager through GV-Controller, it provides a powerful parking management system where the user can easily control a parking area and make sure only authorized vehicles gain access and park in the correct place.
By providing instant identification, and using GV-LPC2210, color IP camera's where the license plates are captured; it immediately build’s the driver's information and allows the user to permit access quickly ad helps with the movement vehicles and provides important information on the spaces available.
“By combing Geovision’s GV-RU9003 with GV-ASManager through GV-Controller, customers will be able to manage permit parking easily, such as instant identification of misuse of parking space, and pairs a specific class of driver to specific locations,” Titan explained.
The parking management device can be used for gated communities, hotels, and businesses who need to make sure access is only given to permitted personnel.
GV-RU9003 also features patented technology for EMI reduction and has certified compliance with NCC/FCC/CE regulations.
For more information, please visit http://www.geovision.com.tw or for media enquiries,
please contact marketing@geovision.com.tw
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