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GeoVision Control Center at Tel Aviv Police Center

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Tel Aviv is the financial capital in Israel, the second biggest city economy in the Middle East, and home to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and many International corporate offices, research and development centers. To ensure all residents and visitors’ safety in Tel Aviv Metropolitan area, the Tel Aviv District Police “100 Police Center” planned to link the security cameras installed around the central city to a centralized monitoring station, then gradually cover all 3000+ cameras located in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area.


The challenge for this project is that there are thousands of security cameras deployed throughout the city by diverse sectors, such as school, transportation, and municipal buildings. However, those cameras could only be monitored by local police units and private segments. When criminal activity occurs, the highest command post, “100 Police Center”, has difficulty receiving instant notification. It has always been a challenge for Tel Aviv District Police to dispatch forces to the crime scene in a timely manner.


In order to solve the above issues and optimize the entire city surveillance system, “100 Police Center” turned to GV-Control Center with assistance from GeoVision’s Israel agent. GV-Control center is a powerful central monitoring system that can access and configure up to 1000 units of GeoVision DVRs. It can monitor up to 4,224 cameras with 42 monitors at the same time and can group and display live view of cameras from different GeoVision DVRs on the same screen. Moreover, it can provide pop-up alarm with live view whenever suspicious events were detected.


So far, Tel Aviv District Police has connected GV-Control Center to150 cameras in Kiryat Ono city, where Geovision DVRs and Video Servers were installed. With the solution of GeoVision Control Center, the police can receive real-time images from the field while sitting in the command center. Now, the police will not only be able to direct forces to crime scenes with shorter response time, but also locate the suspects while the forces are still on their way.




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