A Video Management Software Incorporating the Power of GV-Smart Devices to Everyday Cameras and Access Control Management

March 10, 2020 – Having featured some of Taiwan’s first face recognition cameras, GeoVision, a leading provider of professional-grade video management systems and integrated security solutions, now goes another step further. The newest GV-VMS 18.1 extends the capabilities of its face recognition devices across your everyday cameras to present a unified, smart security surveillance system.

With a suitability to all types of cameras, even including the cameras of your mobile phones, security managers using GV-VMS 18.1 can easily transform a traditional surveillance infrastructure to one that is AI-powered, with a single face recognition device, on the fly.

For operators in commercial and corporate settings, when important clients are identified or unauthorized persons are spotted, GV-VMS 18.1 can help initiate immediate responses through automated alerts, such as notifying managers on their mobile phones.

When dubious events occur, especially at obscure places, GV-VMS 18.1’s ability to stream and record from the cameras of mobile phones empowers security personnel to capture on-scene images that cannot be zoomed in on otherwise.

In events where suspects of criminal activities have already left the scene, GV-VMS 18.1 can aid investigators by tracking down their faces, across all face detection and recognition devices with its comprehensive face search.

Amidst the initial testing and demo trials, one of the other sought-after functions of GV-VMS 18.1, next to face search and connectability to mobile phones, was its integration for face-recognition-based access control. It revamps the basis of access management by replacing card scans with face scans, to automatically unlock doors when authorized personnel are recognized.

Designed for connection to all types of video devices, from ordinary to mobile phone cameras, and integrating AI-powered face recognition devices, GV-VMS 18.1 is aimed to provide users with the ideal video management solution in their quickly-changing urban environments.

For more information, please visit http://www.geovision.com.tw/product/GV-VMS, or refer to GV-VMS 18.1 Feature Guide and GV-VMS 18.1 Key Features.

*Prior to downloading GV-VMS V18.1, please note that starting from V18.1, a purchased license is required for GV-VMS to run. Please contact our sales representatives for assistance.

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